Meet our portfolio companies.

Transforming loading dock and warehouse efficiency with AI for operational visibility and insights.
Revolutionizing the way we eat by creating the world’s first digital food pharmacy.
The first ETF issuer that provides precision tools to help investors seize opportunities in fixed-income markets.
Reimagining sparkling wines in California with the most innovative expressions out there.
With Cold Case Ice Cream, indulge in handcrafted, criminally good ice cream delivered right to your door. Each scoop is an adventure.
Healthcare claims, simplified. Docvocate's SaaS platform revolutionizes provider revenue collection by unifying denial management across systems and payers.
Folk is the all-in-one CRM. Centralize all relationships and customize workflows: Sales, recruiting pipeline, deal flow management, prospecting, and more.
goTenna develops and delivers innovative communication technology for people who keep us safe—military, law enforcement, and public safety operators.
Streamlining the cannabis retail experience, with an all-in-one point-of-sale and payment solution.
The Lifecycling(™) company. Novoloop envisions a truly circular world where hard-to-recycle plastics are remade into something better.
Okava Pharmaceuticals is at the forefront of pet health, developing solutions that promise longer, happier lives for our pets.
Photon Vault enables renewable energy transformation by providing the cleanest, most efficient, and most profitable energy storage solutions.
Storyline uses AI to transform raw data into personalized, interactive content to engage and expand your audience.
Sypher offers AI-driven reinsurance products and processes for catastrophe-exposed regions.
UpLevel Digital offers premier digital marketing and AI-driven services for home services, empowering businesses to succeed with or without an agency.  
Vintage is now part of Unicorn Auctions, a full-service rare spirits auction marketplace, where you can place bids, sell items, and much more.
Wind Up Minds melds captivating storytelling with mixed reality, creating games that bridge generations.